I haven't read this whole piece yet however since you're researching charismatic Christianity, I have to recommend Ryan Reeves' video https://youtu.be/LzT3pRu2FkY?si=1K1dcllW_rVUFq7H

Also Pentecostalism emerged from African tribal religions, ie it's kinda of like vodoo and other folk religions. I'll try to find the reading material I add and send it to you if I find it. But tbh, Pentecostal demon deliverance or whatever looks exactly like a tribal occult ritual, so it shouldn't be that suprising.

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I think Ryan is great. I haven’t touched the demonology side as it is wider than just the Pentecostal movement. I have been asked to cover it, but it is a very complex topic and it would need its own series.

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