I’m also fascinated by the role of trees in our life and thought. Truth trees, genealogical trees, decision trees... our thinking seems easily to take that shape.

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I think this has it backward. Technology doesn't need redemption. Technology's creators do, i.e. human beings do.

Unlike our distant ancestors who lived much closer to nature and depended on its "cooperation" for their survival, we have built up a protective artificial shell of material and technological components around us. But we are discovering that the artificial shell we have wrapped around ourselves also exacts a toll. And this time around, it isn't the arbitrary and capricious forces of nature that haunt the dark corners of our imagination; it's the nuts and bolts holding the artificial shell that demands our submission. We are doing it to ourselves!

To say that technology can be redeemed is to miss the point. It's kinda like saying turnips can be redeemed--which is true, but also underwhelming. This is to mistake the effect for the cause--and the cause is sin which is rooted in the human heart.

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