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The previous explanations have been interesting and satisfying because it accepts the information we were given and fits an explanation around it. Numerology seems to treat as unimportant the fact that we were told names and ages. Surely to be included in scripture the plain reading has to make some kind of sense? I could not have figured out the numerology without you writing this article--if it was important to our faith why use cryptic numbers? if it was unimportant to our faith, why include it?

This is all very interesting. looking forward to seeing what the Greeks have to add!

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Yes. I agree. This theory is less than satisfying and not my favourite.

In Ancient Hebrew, the numbers and letters were interchangeable. So the first letter in Hebrew is the same as the number 1.

It’s like reading the name Alfred as - 1lfred.

I am not wholly sold on numerology, but it is clear the Bible sometimes uses ‘gematria’ and symbolic numbers to make theological points. It’s worthwhile keeping an eye on the numbers as you read the Bible. There may be extra meaning sitting in plain sight.

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