I eagerly await this series! I enjoy your take on things and your last one you thought would be controversial didnt feel that controversial to me.

So i’ll grab some popcorn and wait for the controversial bits while you build up to the big reveal!

God bless!

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It started because I wanted to do a series on Genesis 5 and look at all the different takes. And then add my own.

I didn’t think my view would yield much. There was preliminary academic work done in this in areas the early 1970s, but it didn’t come to much.

But where as he was very mathematical in his approach, I looked at it from an ancient Hebrew perspective. And it produced something very interesting.

I put it on here as I think those who will be most interested are not into theology. And so I need to take time to lay the theological groundwork.

I don’t think you would find it controversial, just a very interesting idea. But other academic disciples may find what I say ‘heretical’.

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